Boosting Your Business

Succeeding in business, whether as an individual or a company, is about as tough a challenge as one can ever face. Few are lucky enough to enter an industry where competition is anything less than fierce. Sometimes 100% commitment, hours of dedication and plowing every penny you have back into the operation does not reap the rewards you feel it should. Here we offer a few tips that might help you push on.

Solid Groundwork

Even if you’re a recent start-up, the beginning can seem a long time ago, such is the pace of life in the hot seat. The plans you had can often slip away or get changed under the pressure to meet deadlines and keep up with demand. However, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on how you first envisioned things and perhaps implement some of those initial strategies. Have you analysed your overheads recently or searched for alternative suppliers? Do you keep records of your sales progress? Stepping back and making a little time to get your house in order can help you see the wood for the trees and gain fresh perspective for the future. Straying from the way you first thought things would be is natural, but tilting the rudder ever now and again will not hurt.

Asset Management

Take a look around you at your work place. Do you use everything you see regularly? How many discarded pieces of equipment have you got lying around that no longer serve a purpose. Top financial analysts always insist on regular in-house audits which can unfortunately also result in staff being ‘reprioritised’. Why not do one yourself? Selling off assets can not only make you money before they become worthless, but it also saves space and makes your work place a more productive environment.

Media Power

Marketing is a costly affair, both time- and money-wise, but essential in most industries. The sales landscape has changed in recent years though, and online marketing has begun to give the little guy more of a chance. Do not underestimate the power of social media as a tool, no matter what industry you are in. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name just a few, are all invaluable tools that cost almost nothing and can help you reach potential customers on their own terms. Social media has leveled the playing field if you use your ingenuity and a little know-how. Furthermore, concentrating a little more time on your web presence, Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) and marketing through Google AdWords can lead to promising opportunities.